Mautic - HubSpot CRM Plugin

Mautic can push Contacts to HubSpot CRM based on Contact actions or Point Triggers.

HubSpot API key

Getting Mautic connected to HubSpot requires integrating and configuring the HubSpot API key with the right credentials.

  1. Sign in to your HubSpot CRM account or create an account if you don’t already have one.

  2. Access your HubSpot dashboard to generate your HubSpot API key.

  3. Copy your generated HubSpot Key and save it somewhere safe.

Configure the HubSpot CRM Plugin


Be sure to complete all steps before you activate the Plugin.

  1. Log in to Mautic instance.

  2. Go to settings.

  3. Click the Plugins option.

Screenshot of settings
  1. Select the HubSpot Plugin configuration.

Screenshot of HubSpot Plugin
  1. In the configuration box, paste your API key in the HubSpot API key input field.

  2. Configure the Feature Specific Settings to synchronize Contacts, Companies, or both from HubSpot.

  3. Click Save & Close, then edit the Plugin to configure the field mapping..


In the default setting, it’s checked. The Plugin won’t push Contacts to HubSpot CRM if you un-select it.

  1. Configure the field mapping.

  2. Click Save to save the Plugin configuration.

    • If you want to use the Plugin, set the Active switch to Yes. Only do this when you have fully configured the Plugin settings.

  3. Set up the cron job if you haven’t already configured it.


Script to configure in your cron job: php $PATH_TO_MAUTIC_DIRECTORY/bin/console mautic:integration:fetchleads --integration=Hubspot --fetch-all

Test the Plugin

Follow these steps to test the Integration.

Troubleshooting HubSpot Integration

When creating the Contact, ensure the email address you used to test is valid. HubSpot only creates a new Contact when the email address is valid.

Note, despite --fetch-all flag, the HubSpot API endpoints used in Mautic primarily leverage the following endpoints:

  • /companies/v2/companies/recent/modified/

  • /contactslistseg/v1/lists/recently_updated/contacts/recent

If you intend to do a full sync of your HubSpot Contacts, you need to modify an attribute of each so that they appear in HubSpot’s recent/modified endpoints. When connecting to a long-lived HubSpot instance, these endpoints pull only Contacts modified in the last 30 days, resulting in an incomplete sync. Source


@gpassarelli had developed this Plugin.