Campaigns overview

A Campaign is a marketing activity that aligns Components and the Channels through which you can publish your content in a coordinated, strategically timed approach to meet specific business objectives. After you add your Contacts and set up the required Channels, you can create Campaigns to build meaningful relationships with your Contacts.

Campaigns are useful for Contact management, marketing operations, and sales workflows. A Campaign can send tailored messages to all Contacts in the Segment, or a subset of Contacts that you specify. You can set the Campaign schedule to send the message once or at a recurring interval, such as once a week.

One of the main benefits of the Campaign workflow process is the ability to predefine these workflows and have them respond automatically to your Contacts and timelines. This automation minimizes the amount of time required for manual Contact activity and improves reliability of Contact nurturing.

Campaign types

Campaigns can be broadly categorized into three types:

Time driven Campaigns

Time driven Campaigns are the type of Campaigns that center around specific timed events. These events can be anything, but are usually Emails. For instance, you can choose to trigger such Email events after a delay of a predefined number of days or on a specific date in the future.

Contact driven Campaigns

Contact driven Campaigns can trigger events based on interactions with specific Contacts. These interactions can occur as a result of the Contact landing on a certain webpage or Landing Page, opening an Email, spending a specified amount of time on a website, or any other activities. Such Campaigns can respond to these actions typically by sending an Email to the Contact either immediately or at a specific time in future.

Mixed Campaigns

Mautic allows you to create Campaigns which consist a mix of both time driven Campaigns as well as Contact driven actions. This powerful mixed Campaign strategy drives actions by both specific dates or after specific time frames, as well as actions taken by a Contact directly.


Campaigns can trigger a variety of actions. Email actions mentioned in the preceding Campaign types are one example. The other actions that a Campaign can trigger include automatic assignment to a new Segment, assigning a new Point value, or pushing into an Integration, into a CRM or other systems.