Marketing Messages

What are Marketing Messages?

Located under the Channels section in Mautic, Marketing Messages is one of the Channels available to you through which you can optimize and personalize communication with your customers.

Marketing Messages allow you to empower the customer to decide how they prefer to receive the content you send, by setting the Channel they prefer.

Screenshot showing the Marketing Messages option in the main navigation menu of Mautic.

With Marketing Messages, you can create content and make it available through multiple Channels - Email, SMS, Browser Notification, Mobile Notification, Tweets, and any other Channel you decide to create using Mautic’s extendable open architecture.

When using the “Send Marketing Message” action in a Campaign, you can create the message in any or all of these Channels. If the Contact has a Channel preference set on their profile, Mautic sends the content on the preferred Channel. If they haven’t specified a Channel, Mautic uses the default Channel - Email.

It’s also possible for a Contact to specify their own frequency rules and pause communication all together on a Channel. When exceeding the defined limit and scheduling a Marketing Message, Mautic uses another Channel which has available frequency.

Creating a Marketing Message

To create a new Marketing Message, navigate to the Channels section and click Marketing Messages. Click on New.

Provide a name and description for the Marketing Message, then choose the Channels you wish to use.


You must set up and configure the Channels before they become available - if you haven’t set up Mobile Notifications or Text Messages, you won’t see it as an option when creating a Marketing Message.

Screenshot showing the creation of a new Marketing Message in Mautic.

To enable a Channel, click Yes on the slider, and select - or create - the message.