MaxMind license

From the 2.16 release, Mautic has supported using a license key to access the MaxMind IP lookup service.


From the 3.2 release the format for the license key needs to be AccountID:Licensekey. You can locate the Account ID directly preceding the license keys table.

Follow these steps to configure your Mautic instance to use the license key.

  1. Create a MaxMind account by going to MaxMind Signup

  2. After signing up, verify your Email and follow the steps to access your MaxMind Account.

  3. Click the Contact icon at the top right of the menu to login

Screenshot of MaxMind Account
  1. After logging in, under services click My License Key on the left hand side in the menu

Screenshot of MaxMind license key
  1. Then, Click Generate new License Key

Screenshot of MaxMind Generate key
  1. Answer Will this key be used for GeoIP Update? with No and confirm

Screenshot of MaxMind confirm key
  1. Copy the license key that you see on the screen and note down the Account ID preceding the license key table

Screenshot of MaxMind license key
  1. Go to Mautic > Settings > Configuration > System Settings > Miscellaneous Settings and enter the license key into the «IP lookup service authentication» field in the format AccountID:Licensekey.

Screenshot of MaxMind license key
  1. Click Fetch IP Lookup Data Store. This downloads the IP lookup database to your Mautic instance.

  2. Set up the Cron jobs to periodically download a fresh copy.