Categories are a way to organize Mautic elements. They’re available for Assets, Campaigns, Emails, Focus Items, Forms, Pages, Points, Social Monitoring and Stages. There are two ways to use Categories:

  1. Create element-specific Categories for example only for Assets, Emails or Forms.

  2. Create global Categories for all Mautic elements.

Creating and managing Categories

To create new Categories, go to settings menu in the top right corner of Mautic. There choose Categories.

Screenshot of create new Category

When creating a new Category you can select type, title, description, alias, color and availability status. The color will be helpful to quickly find Mautic elements by their appropriate Category when viewing other areas within Mautic.

Using Categories for Contacts

In addition to organizing various Mautic elements, Categories can help you organize Contacts. In Contact details use the Preference menu to open Contact Preference Center.

Screenshot of assigning Category to Contact

Mautic allows the assignment of Contact Categories in Segment and Dynamic Content filters.